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New England Society of Clinical Engineers



The New England Society of Clinical Engineering is a regional professional society whose members serve healthcare organizations in Southern New England.

NESCE’s members are biomedical equipment technicians, clinical engineers and other individuals involved in the area of healthcare technology management and medical equipment maintenance and support.

The Challenge:

Several years ago, NESCE was looking for a computer training company that could train members of their society on networking skills, at a cost that would be feasible for the members and group as a whole. CTComp decided to take a chance and began offering the CompTIA A+ and Network+ programs to NESCE  members.

The Solution:

Years later, that risk has proven successful and CTComp now offers a custom computer networking course, condensed to three days, to NESCE members several times a year.

Classes are held at the CTComp Rocky Hill office, where instructor Michael Turner creates an enjoyable and efficient learning environment for NESCE members. According to many students, Michael presented the material in an easy‐to‐understand way, making each student feel comfortable, and teaching them using real world scenarios. Each class consisted off 20 students.


“We took our 5‐day CompTIA Network + class and condensed it down to a 3‐day networking class that addressed the needs of NESCE member and the equipment they work with at their various places of employment.”

Jason Cooper, CCS Learning Account Executive, New England Society of Clinical Engineers

“This class was superb. The instructor provided a comprehensive overview of networking basics and then took everything a step further with the hands‐on exercises that taught us how to apply the knowledge. With the direction that medical technology is going, this class should be considered Clinical Engineering 101.”

Chris Faulkner, Clinical Engineer, Providence VAMC

“NESCE is a society of people who work with medical equipment maintenance and repair. As technology improves, hospital technology changes too. More and more medical equipment is being connected to a facility’s IT network, and we need the skills to be able to service that equipment.”

Frank Painter, MS, CCE, Treasurer, New England Society of Clinical Engineers

“I was very pleased with the large amount of material that was presented in the network class. Our instructor was very knowledgeable, patient, and personable and did an excellent job explaining a variety of topics. After taking this course I feel I have a good overview of networking concepts, I am certain that I will use what I have learned throughout my career.”

Frank Painter, MS, CCE, Treasurer, New England Society of Clinical Engineers

“We told CTComp what we needed and they delivered.”

Frank Painter, Treasurer, New England Society of Clinical Engineers

“The Instructor Michael Turner, taught with great enthusiasm. He kept the dry computer topics interesting and captivating. The networking principles learned are applicable in all realms off interoperability.”

Chris Gutmann, Clinical Engineer, West Haven VA Medical Center

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