Project Description



M.R. Home Care, Inc.



M.R. Home Care, Inc. has been in operation for over 25 years providing professional home care to their community. They will work with their clients to streamline a plan of care that fits their present life style. The care plan can be adjusted as needed. With our clients cooperation we will ensure that the services are delivered by honest and caring individuals who will be monitored and trained through their career with M.R. Home Care.

The Challenge:

When M.R. Home Care, Inc. first contacted CTComp, the system they had in place was a hindrance to the business. It was very slow and often crashed. The backup system that M.R Home Care was using did not always work and they were extremely concerned with losing data. Upon meeting with CTComp, they began working together on evaluating the current system and discussing the needs of the business moving forward.

The Solution:

M.R. Home Care had experienced growth over the years and needed to adapt their computer system to a more dynamic system that would allow them continue growth opportunities, while securing their data from being lost or stolen. Updating their network server to Microsoft’s Small Business Server gave them the flexibility and growth potential that they were looking for. Along with the update to the network server, M.R. Home Care also deployed new desktop computers and secured it all behind a Cisco ASA Firewall.

Since the installation of the new system, M.R. Home Care says that the “performance has improved customer relations”. They have received compliments about how quick the service is that they provide. This is in large part due to the upgrade, and making it much easier for M.R. Home Care to give their customers the service they deserve. M. R. Home Care is also grateful to Federal Hill Financial for recommending CTComp to one of their valued clients.

M. R. Home Care Inc.

“We were referred to CTComp by our financial advisor, Federal Hill Financial. We wanted to upgrade our computer systems, have a more secured server and a better backup system. We got that as well as great customer service and prompt response from Connecticut Computer Service.”

Scott Rosado, President, M.R. Home Care, Inc.
M. R. Home Care Inc.

“Our new and improved server has improved our daily activities by saving time with faster and a better performing system. It allows us to concentrate more in servicing our clients and providing the best service. It also allows us to have a quicker response for our clients opposed to having to wait to access data in our computers.”

Scott Rosado, President, M.R. Home Care, Inc.

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