Secure Your People, Places, and PII.

When optimizing your facilities for security and compliance standards, knowing where to start and what to look for can be difficult—that’s where we come in.

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    Don’t Be Insecure.The solutions you need to increase security.

    Your organization needs superior access control solutions to stay ahead of physical and virtual threats. Your facilities aren’t completely secure if you don’t have the power to detect significant changes from systems, sensors, alarms, and video surveillance cameras in real-time. That’s not all, though—your security posture is informed by more than just your facility security. That’s where compliance comes in. Compliance policies are a critical aspect of a dynamic and ever-evolving IT infrastructure. A strong compliance program consists of the following: effective policies and procedures, encryption, data retention policies, archiving, threat protection, and eDiscovery—does yours?

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    1. Fraudulent Attempts

    Over 300 million fraudulent sign-in attempts to Microsoft’s cloud services every day—it only takes one compromised account to trigger a data breach.

    2. Managing PII

    The average company has 534,465 files containing sensitive data. Teams that don’t know what data they’re holding can be exposed yet unaware.

    3. Staff Training

    82% of breaches involved the human element. You can do more to eliminate avenues for bad actors to access your sensitive data.


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    Secure Your Physical and Virtual Assets

    Many web applications and APIs don’t adequately protect sensitive data, and connectedness (or lack thereof) creates vulnerabilities. But your organization can meet its desired objectives and adapt to changing market conditions—you just need the right partner.

    Compliance Management

    Secure your sensitive data so that no matter what standards you comply with, you’ll stay ahead of the curve.

    Vulnerabilities Vigilance

    We continuously monitor and patch any networks, servers, or applications as vulnerabilities arise.

    Network (and work, work!) Protection

    Protect your office(s) with access control, video surveillance, sensor and alarm solutions, deployment services, and more.

    Continuous Monitoring

    Employee education (and participation) is a big part of your security posture. We’ll find (then train) staff with bad security hygiene.

    Ready to Refresh Your Security Services?

    Your security infrastructure is too important to leave to chance. Call us when you’re ready, and we’ll come to do a full-site walkthrough so that you get the most accurate plan and budget possible from our experts.

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