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How to Address Microsoft 365 Security Concerns

CTComp & Netwirx host a virtual rountable.
Learn how more and more organizations are relying on Microsoft productivity solutions to share information and collaborate. However, organizations do not fully understand the way data moves through M365 or they apply on-premise security practices to their cloud strategy. So how can you protect the content stored in M365 and comply with rigorous data privacy regulations?

Print Solutions, Post-Support and Recycling

The time is now to elevate your print strategy and align tools with your current IT infrastructure to ensure you’re making the most of everything modern print solutions have to offer. IT innovations simplify and streamline the work we do each day. Print technology is advancing to match these innovations with new hardware, software, and remote office capabilities. With HP Print Solutions and CTComp Managed Print Services, you will get comprehensive support to help simplify ordering, maintenance, and security.


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What keeps you up at night?

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Securing Your Environment

Creating a plan and a budget, raising awareness, and implementing layers of security are all required to further secure your environment.

Passwords & Active Directory
81% of hacking-related breaches leverage either stolen and/or weak passwords.

Data Loss Prevention & Auditing
If data is stolen or leaked your intellectual property and reputation are at risk.

Phishing & Security Awareness
93% of successful security breaches start with phishing.

Dark Web Monitoring
Is your password for sale?

Next Gen AV/AM Solutions
Stop bogging down your systems with old signature based AV.

Advanced Firewall Management
Breaches happen if the firewall is not maintained, patched and monitored.

DNS Security
Protect against ransomware and other malicious software by preventing the user from ever being exposed to it.

Backup & Offsite Replication
Your main line of defense for security and system failure.

SIEM & SOC as Service Solutions
Don’t wait and respond to a breach, proactively monitor for one from the inside.

Dark Web

Dark Web Monitoring

Is your email and password availableon the dark web?
Don’t get caught by surprise, find out today!

Are you challenged with limited time, expertise and infrastructure capacity to properly run, maintain and manage your technical assets?

We can assist by implementing a customized, prioritized, proactive and conclusive Master Services Agreement to complement your staff, emloyees and business! Learn how we can take your organization to the next level.
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