Managed IT Services—Your Infrastructure Evolves as You Do.

Your Managed IT services are critical for the success of your organization—stay ahead of the curve with a proactive partner.

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Make your technology work for you.

You need to spend your day working on what makes your business profitable, not worrying about your network optimization and security. Since 2020, SMBs have seen an unprecedented increase in technology utilization (and exposure). In 2021 alone, 28% of data breaches involved small businesses.

Your organization needs a true technology partner—trust CTComp to help develop a custom technology roadmap, so your technology needs are identified, implemented, and maintained. From budgeting and manufacturer renewals to immutable data backups and DRaaS, CTComp has your needs covered—today and as they evolve.

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Managed IT needs have advanced—have yours?

When optimizing your organization’s infrastructure, it’s essential to account for the evolution of your IT systems. You can future-proof your infrastructure and mitigate vulnerabilities—with the right partner.

review your sensitive data protocols and determine if you have disaster recovery solutions in place


21% of SMB leaders don’t have data backups or disaster recovery solutions, but DRaaS is crucial to business success and continuity—review your backup and recovery technologies STAT.

bec and other expensive phishing scams can be mitigated by strengthening your network security


There were 19,369 complaints of business email compromise (a type of phishing scam) in 2020 alone, resulting in $1.8 billion in losses—prevent BEC by fortifying access to your network.

integrating artificial intelligence solutions into your managed it services is essential


AI deployment is the largest cost mitigation factor in data breaches—saving organizations up to $3.81 million per breach. Protect your org with secure and scalable data integration solutions.

Managed IT services designed to be dynamic.

You need a Managed IT service provider constantly seeking the best network and software updates to ensure your IT infrastructure evolves as your business does.

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Managed IT your way.

You need a true technology partner—we’ll complement your staff through:

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A scalable, resilient security posture—that’s our promise.

Your IT infrastructure is too important to leave to chance—discover how you can strengthen your security posture with technology services from CTComp.

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