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The Benefits of Training Employees in a Classroom Environment

Jul 30th, 2019|Customer Solutions|

Renting a class or conference room with CTComp provides a customizable and convenient way to train or educate your employees or students. The implementation of new technologies and systems is essential to keeping your business at the forefront of the industry. However, not all offices and buildings are designed [...]


Breaking Down Digital and Social Marketing Metrics

Jun 28th, 2018|Customer Solutions|

Social media has become a staple of marketing, but why should you measure your marketing strategy’s effectiveness in the digital age? A prominent social media presence is almost a prerequisite for business success nowadays. But between the seemingly endless new platforms and the various data and analytics connected to [...]


How Site Performance Can Affect Your Business

Jun 13th, 2018|Customer Solutions|

In the digital age, your business’s website is the equivalent of a shop’s storefront. Your site should entice and inform visitors so that they know what and why they should buy from you. However, it doesn’t matter how engaging your “storefront” is if the inside of the shop is [...]


Service Advisory: SSL Certificate Reissue

Feb 20th, 2018|Security & Technology Updates|

Due to a decision by Google to stop trusting Symantec-issued SSL certificates, users of the Chrome browser will soon receive a security warning when visiting sites secured with a certificate that has Symantec as the Root Certificate Authority. This includes certificates issued by Symantec’s other brands: Verisign, Thawte, & [...]


Critical Security Vulnerability in Cisco ASA Software

Feb 14th, 2018|Security & Technology Updates|

Cisco recently released a security advisory detailing a critical vulnerability in its Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software that, if exploited, could allow remote code execution and denial of service. Cisco has also released software updates to address this vulnerability. If you are running a version of ASA software equal [...]


Changes to Office & Windows Servicing & Support

Feb 12th, 2018|Security & Technology Updates|

2/1/2018 Post from Microsoft Delivering a secure and productive modern workplace is a top priority for many of our commercial customers, and we’re committed to help. Last July, we took a big step forward in this journey with the introduction of Microsoft 365, a new product suite that brings [...]


Update from HP: Processor Vulnerability

Feb 12th, 2018|Security & Technology Updates|

Google Project Zero has publicly disclosed a vulnerability with modern CPUs related to side-channel “speculative execution” exploits, which have been named Spectre and Meltdown. This is an industry-wide issue, impacting all manufacturers’ PC and server hardware using the affected CPUs. Malicious code designed to exploit this vulnerability could potentially [...]

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