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602, 2024

HP Elite PCs and Z Workstations

February 6, 2024|CTComp|

Technology that gives your business the competitive edge Seamless and secure communication fosters collaboration, enhances productivity, and promotes adaptability. It empowers teams to efficiently navigate diverse work environments, ensure timely decision-making and maintain a cohesive corporate culture across physical and virtual spaces. Simply put, optimized communication gives your business …

3010, 2023

CTComp Municipalities

October 30, 2023|CTComp|

In 2022, the FBI issued a Private Industry Notification to local governments and public services: Bad cyber actors have been "conducting ransomware attacks on local government agencies," which have resulted in "disrupted operational services, risks to public safety, and financial losses." Even more concerning? According to incident reporting for …

410, 2023

CTComp Engineering

October 4, 2023|CTComp|

Earlier in the year, Construction Business Owner Magazine outlined how engineering and construction firms would handle emerging technologies in 2023. Despite the sector being "historically slow in integrating and adopting digital technologies," industry leaders are now "increasingly paying attention to and leveraging emerging technologies." These technologies include, but aren’t limited …

609, 2023

How to Prevent Data Theft and Empower Your Healthcare Infrastructure

September 6, 2023|CTComp|

The attack surface for healthcare organizations is growing every day. Vulnerabilities compromising security postures include: Legacy systems Fragmented infrastructures Innumerous applications and IoT devices And much more. Let’s take a moment to talk about legacy systems—legacy operating systems and other software present a significant vulnerability to healthcare organizations. Why? …

2205, 2023

How to Keep Your Network Secure with Hybrid Workers

May 22, 2023|CTComp|

There’s no denying it—remote and hybrid work is here to stay. Gartner reports that 74% of CFOs intend to permanently shift some employees to remote work. And while it sounds great in theory, it’s essential to consider hybrid workers’ role in your security posture—because it turns out hackers …

1703, 2023

Weak Passwords Compromise Printer Security—Did You Know That?

March 17, 2023|CTComp|

Did you know your organization's printers can be a hole in your security posture? Microsoft reports over 300 million fraudulent sign-in attempts to their cloud services every day—and according to the Ponemon Institute, the average person has at least five accounts with the same password. When (not if) hackers …

2802, 2023

Why Your Business Needs Updated Network Security to Maintain Compliance

February 28, 2023|CTComp|

In today’s world, companies (and employees) have access to more sensitive data than ever before. That means increasing network security and compliance measures are more important than ever. And this is especially true for states like Connecticut, California, Utah, Colorado, and Virginia, which have “passed their own comprehensive consumer privacy …

1508, 2022

3 Best Practices for More Proactive and Successful IT Roadmaps

August 15, 2022|CTComp|

How you can have confidence creating a custom IT solution. While 71% of senior IT executives worldwide recognize IT infrastructure as essential in enabling competitive advantage and maximum revenue, recognizing and acting are two completely different things. When optimizing your technology infrastructure and integrations, knowing where to start and what …

1901, 2022

5 Solid Reasons Why Your Business Needs Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

January 19, 2022|CTComp|

How Compliance Empowers a Good Security Posture "If you think compliance is expensive, try noncompliance." – Paul McNulty, former US deputy attorney general. If this is how your business has historically viewed compliance, it's time for a paradigm shift. When implemented correctly and routinely evaluated, compliance is key to …

1612, 2021

What’s the log4j Flaw? 4 Things Your Business Needs to Know Today

December 16, 2021|Security & Technology Updates|

There is another critical vulnerability sweeping the IT world. A flaw in log4j, a Java library for logging messages in applications, could allow for remote code execution by a bad actor. Any device that is running log4j and exposed to the Internet is at risk. Many hardware and software …

812, 2021

5 Reasons a Strategic Technology Plan Will Have You Winning in 2022

December 8, 2021|CTComp|

Why your IT infrastructure needs a plan for the future Over 70% of senior IT executives worldwide recognize IT infrastructure as essential in enabling competitive advantage, as well as optimizing revenue and profit. The time is now to ensure that your business will thrive in 2022 and years to …

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