There’s no denying it—remote and hybrid work is here to stay.

Gartner reports that 74% of CFOs intend to permanently shift some employees to remote work. And while it sounds great in theory, it’s essential to consider hybrid workers’ role in your security posture—because it turns out hackers love remote work just like the rest of us, at the (great) expense of organizations.

According to IBM Security’s 2022 Cost of a Data Breach Report, there was a $1.07 million cost difference in data breaches where remote workers were concerned when compared to traditional office workers.

Bad actors are taking advantage of weak networks, ineffective security protocols, and poor employee education across work environments. To protect your business, employees, and clients, it’s imperative to ensure that your network and its devices aren’t only up to date but best-of-breed—especially where hybrid work is involved.

And, as if cost isn’t enough of a motivating factor for actually securing your security posture, consider the wealth of data employees have access to and the implications of criminals getting their hands on it. secure network for remote workers

In a recent Sapio Research survey of over 8,000 in-person, remote, and hybrid workers, 79% of respondents said they engaged in at least one risky activity within the previous year—including reusing passwords, sharing login credentials, allowing unauthorized users to access their company devices, and more.

These behaviors compromise your network security—and remote and hybrid work is compounding the risks, especially for the 39% of employees who accessed “work systems via public Wi-Fi.”

That’s more than inherently problematic—as the amount of sensitive data employees have access to is increasing (for remote, hybrid, and office workers), it’s becoming increasingly difficult (yet, more important) to protect this data as attack surfaces expand.

But the good news is, it’s not all doom and gloom, and just because remote workers are a weak link for many networks doesn’t mean yours don’t have to be.

To combat escalating threats, you need complete network protection for your devices, data, and people. With “built-in” security and a 360-degree view, your organization can:

  • Ensure security from infrastructure to deployment
  • Defend its infrastructure from malicious code
  • Easily repurpose or retire legacy infrastructure systems


  • Accelerating data modernization
  • Simplifying operations and streamlining management
  • Optimizing security to detect, address, and defend cyberthreats

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