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Unmatched Protection for Your Physical and Virtual Assets.

Becoming a security-centric organization is easier than you’d think—with the right partner.

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Why do you need a security partner?

According to Fortinet, between June 2021 and 2022, the number of new ransomware variants increased by almost 100% (primarily due to a surge in RaaS subscriptions offered on the dark web). To make matters worse? Ransomware attacks literally got more expensive by the minute—downtime costs $1,467 every 60 seconds. As bad actors become increasingly savvy, the onus is on organizations to ensure that their networks are optimized to detect, address, and defend against cyberthreats.

The pressure to increase physical and virtual security can be felt from compliance measures to cyber liability policies—most insurers won’t even cover organizations that don’t adopt a minimal level of protection to access sensitive applications. For your organization to dynamically adapt to evolving industry trends, threats, and initiatives, you need a true security partner helping you make the decisions affecting your security posture.

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CTComp is your true security partner.

Our approach to security hinges on our belief that organizations need to future-proof their infrastructure. It’s critical that your network, devices, and facilities aren’t only up to date—but best-of-breed.

plan for the evolution of your technology to ensure secure, scalable success


Develop a technology roadmap. This strategic plan is informed by the NIST Cybersecurity and accounts for the evolution of your organization’s technology to ensure secure, scalable success.

detect if any sensitive data or PII is compromised to ensure and maintain compliance


Get diligent and comprehensive monitoring of your assets—24/7/365. With dark web monitoring and IDS solutions, you can rest assured that your PII isn’t compromised and that you always stay compliant.

dynamic infrastructure


Start proactively protecting your organization from malware, ransomware, advanced threats, social engineering, and more with dynamic solutions for your people, place(s), and devices.

Security your way.

To achieve long-term growth, your organization needs to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities pervading your technology and work culture. Protect your sensitive data to ensure long-term success and growth with CTComp.

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Start your journey towards greater security.

Schedule your free consultation with a CTComp expert today.

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A personalized approach to security.

When the time comes to pick vendors, it’s crucial to keep in mind that these companies become your critical partners. We’re proud to truly become part of your team through:

ask and answer questions monthly to prioritize security needs


Depending on your needs, we’ll meet for at least one hour every month to answer questions and summarize and prioritize the highest-ranked vulnerabilities.

areas of concerns addressed


Address the greatest areas of concern regarding your security, from industry trends and new initiatives to evolving compliance regulations.

mitigate vulnerabilities with best-of-breed physical and network security solutions


To combat vulnerabilities, we utilize monthly patch management, anti-virus/anti-malware end point security, email security awareness training, and more.


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CTComp Engineering

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Security on your turf.

Our experts happily conduct a full-site walkthrough to do a physical audit and assess your network (i.e., all assets connecting to and from your network).

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How can I learn more about technology roadmaps?2022-09-30T14:48:43-04:00

If you feel like doing more investigating on the benefits of technology roadmaps, consider reading the following from CTComp:

Or, feel free to sign up for a free consultation with one of our technology experts: Let’s Talk.

How do I improve my organization’s security posture?2022-09-30T14:43:43-04:00

After completing the technology roadmap checklist, you can feel confident about the measures needed to improve your security posture. If you’re unsure of the next steps you should take, email or call 860-276-1285, and we’ll set up a convenient time to talk (or schedule an onsite visit).

How does a technology roadmap protect businesses from cyberattacks?2022-09-30T14:42:49-04:00

Technology roadmaps are all about being up-to-date and mitigating cyber and onsite vulnerabilities. Through careful physical audits, network assessments, EOL analyses, and more, your organization can finally get ahead of the curve—and stay there.

What is a technology roadmap?2022-09-30T14:40:39-04:00

A technology roadmap guides your business with direction to address growth and effective systems integration. It future-proofs your infrastructure and makes your technology work for you because you can stay ahead of the latest trends and advancements. A technology roadmap accounts for the evolution of your current IT systems to ensure that your IT infrastructure evolves as your business does.

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