Thank you so much to everyone who joined our 2024 Technology Infrastructure Trends event January 25th—we had a great time hosting you in Essex, Connecticut.Technology Infrastructure

For anyone who missed it, the CTComp team was joined by experts from Cisco, HPE, and Verkada to discuss market strategies and technology trends for the new year. We covered everything from infrastructure and initiatives to new features and future deployments.

ICYMI: here’s what each organization is doing to support the 2024 initiatives of business leaders like you.


In 2024, CTComp is all about fortifying and streamlining infrastructure. We’re focusing on projects related to securing and managing the physical and virtual assets of our clients.

Review our presentation to discover which infrastructure projects we recommend prioritizing, including:

  • Refreshing servers and storage
  • Migrating to on-premise and cloud
  • Reprofiling and refreshing endpoints
  • Securing perimeters and datacenters
  • Expanding and refreshing networks
  • Conferencing and collaboration anytime, anywhere
  • Physical security

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Cisco focused on how their security and network clouds help mitigate tool sprawl and unite IT security objectives.

In 2024, they’re working to provide the best user and cloud protection for optimal security coverage and peace of mind.

Some of the themes from their presentation include:

  • Less complexity with more visibility and control
  • Zero trust framework
  • AI for assistance with creating and optimizing security policies

Their ultimate goal is increasing end-user protection while simplifying the authentication process.

Review their presentation to learn how Cisco will support your 2024 initiatives and reduce IT burden—plus, learn all about their exciting Meraki updates.

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In 2024, your security should scale and grow with your business. That’s why Verkada advocates organizations ditch traditional video surveillance architectures and embrace their hybrid cloud solution. They discussed their cloud-based solutions, including:

  • Cameras
  • Access control
  • Environmental sensors
  • Alarms
  • Guest
  • Mailroom
  • Intercom

And how their suite works together to provide unparalleled and seamless security preparedness and visibility. Plus, you get access to real-time monitoring and analytics on any device.

Review their presentation to learn what the leaders in physical security can accomplish for your business.

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HPE explored 2024 market trends, including:

  • Redefining experiences at the Edge
  • Unlocking big data with AI
  • Collecting data through the IoT
  • Unleashing the potential of 5G

Plus, they’re revolutionizing their AI strategy and providing storage for every industry and unique data need.

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