In today’s world, companies (and employees) have access to more sensitive data than ever before.

That means increasing network security and compliance measures are more important than ever. And this is especially true for states like Connecticut, California, Utah, Colorado, and Virginia, which have “passed their own comprehensive consumer privacy laws” that go into effect later in 2023.

Although creating and maintaining compliance might seem daunting, expensive, and time-consuming, the opposite is true when you have the right technology partner.

For your organization to dynamically adapt to evolving industry trends, threats, and initiatives, you need a security partner helping you make the decisions affecting your security posture—which is why we’re so proud to be a Cisco Premier Certified Partner.

Our partnership with Cisco allows us to help businesses achieve a security-centric network and a culture of compliance that evolves as their business does.

We accomplish this by comprehensively assessing your physical and virtual environments, which gives us a holistic understanding of your network strengths and gaps. From there, our experts are able to reconcile where your network is, and where it needs to be to meet your industry’s compliance standards. We base our assessments on our 40 years of experience and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks. These Benchmarks are “the only consensus-based, best-practice security configuration guides both developed and accepted by government, business, industry, and academia”, ensuring your organization is truly getting the best practices.

ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) has aptly named 2023 “the year of risk”, and while they state that although the future is uncertain, “one fact remains constant: automating as many manual risk management and compliance operations processes as possible will be essential” for companies to dynamically adapt to the changes ahead.

Get (and stay!) ahead of the curve—check your tech with our 5 Year Technology Roadmap Checklist. The checklist will show you exactly where to start (and what to look for) when evaluating your network and IT infrastructure for compliance and more.

Learn more about each compliance regulation’s risks, costs, and penalties.

Simplify the road to network security (and compliance) with CTComp.