Optimal Rental Workspaces to Meet Your Needs.

When looking for a temporary workspace or conference room for your team, privacy, comfort, and security should be top of mind.

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    Why Choose Our Space(s)?Our unparalleled amenities and resources.

    Whether your organization is searching for a temporary workspace, conference room, or classroom, the facilities at CTComp’s (convenient!) Rocky Hill, CT, rental space can accommodate the demands of you and your team. We provide and adapt our technology to meet your needs and ensure you have a successful experience by offering expert, onsite IT support.

    Rent Workspace

    1. Unrivaled amenities

    Featuring updated private and shared workspaces, conference and training rooms, a full café, comfortable (and beautiful!) gathering spaces, and more.

    2. Security-centric space

    Offering completely secure rental spaces with video surveillance, access control systems, IT support, and (not for nothing) a well-lit parking lot.

    3. On-demand resources

    Depending on your needs, we can review your network port and Wi-Fi connectivity security, video surveillance systems, office space technology, etc.


    Why CTComp?Tell us your needs—
    we provide and configure the rest.

    Comfortable, Reliable Workspace Rentals Scaled to Your Needs.

    Rent Your Workspace
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    Workspaces That Do More Than Just “Work.”

    When you’re looking to rent office space, you need somewhere with a secure network and fast, reliable internet. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be somewhere beautiful and enjoyable. At CTComp, we’re proud that our temporary workspaces offer organizations the ability to:

    Be Productive

    With an instructor station, ceiling-mounted projector, and a full-sized whiteboard, as well as flip charts, printers, and more (upon request).

    Get Comfortable

    By enjoying our climate and temperature-controlled rooms, you (and your hair) will stay cool.

    Supplement Space

    With our private offices, shared workspaces, and conference and training rooms, you’ll always have enough space to support your staff.

    Leave Satisfied

    In addition to our café with a full refrigerator and sink, Rocky Hill boasts dozens of delicious restaurants that deliver!

    Temporary Workspace Rentals to Support Your Business.

    If you’re looking to rent a temporary workspace, conference room, or a private (or shared) office, trust CTComp to provide you with the most equipped, comfortable, and secure option available.

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