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Housing Authority Insurance Group



Housing Authority Insurance Group Streamlines Daily Operations and Increases Productivity Using CTComp’s Disaster Recovery Services

The Housing Authority Insurance Group (HAIG) is a public housing authority‐owned organization dedicated to providing reliable insurance solutions and related services to the public and affordable housing community in a manner which exceeds expectations.

The Challenge:

Until recently, HAIG had been utilizing an inefficient and seemingly unreliable disaster recovery system. Lucille Tortora, Network Manager of the Housing Authority Insurance Group, was wasting precious time every day handling their current disaster recovery system. This required traveling between her office and the disaster recovery site, upgrading and replacing ever‐changing software/hardware, and micro‐managing all daily functions of the system. The dependability of HAIG’s disaster recovery plan was in question because the disaster recovery site was located too close to their offices; if there was a power outage, both facilities would be affected, and in the event of a large‐scale disaster, such as a fire or hurricane, their business would be in serious jeopardy.

The Solution:

Having been a loyal CTComp customer for over ten years, HAIG contacted their account manager, Tom Riggio, to discuss and develop a solid disaster recovery plan. Tom and severalCTComp technicians worked with HAIG and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan was implemented. The new disaster recovery plan allows HAIG to save money, time, and gives them much‐needed peace of mind. The hardened facilities, redundant power systems, and advanced technologies at CTComp were just what HAIG was looking for.

With the new disaster recovery services, a storage company picks up HAIG’s back‐up tapes daily. In the event of an actual emergency, CTComp would retrieve those tapes and implement the disaster recovery plan immediately at our East Hartford office. CTComp clients do a yearly disaster recovery “drill” which ensures the integrity of the plan and prepares those involved in the disaster recovery effort to respond quickly and appropriately. CTComp can assess the impact of various scenarios before disaster strikes, ensuring timely recovery of vital or sensitive data, and business continuity.

HAI Group

“Senior management is very comfortable knowing they will get normal functionality back if there ever is a true disaster.”

Lucille Tortora, Network Manager, Housing Authority Insurance Group
HAI Group

“We’ve worked with CTComp on several major projects, including this one, and they’ve all run smoothly. We are very happy with their knowledgeable and professional staff.”

Lucille Tortora, Network Manager, Housing Authority Insurance Group
HAI Group

“Now I leave the DR work up to CTComp and have time to do my job, maintaining business critical servers and managing our back‐end infrastructure.”

Lucille Tortora, Network Manager, Housing Authority Insurance Group

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