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Gibbs Wire & Steel Co, Inc.


Manufacturing & Construction

Within the metal working community, Gibbs is considered to be a worldwide leader in the supply  and processing of wire & strip. They are continuously investing in their business: expanding facilities, upgrading and replacing slitting, edging, and oscillating equipment, and adding to their already extensive stocks of wire and strip.

The Challenge:

Patricia Wright, Director of MIS at Gibbs Wire was introduced to CTComp when she started taking Microsoft certification examinations at CTComp. She also attended some of their free seminars on IT technology and solutions.

Always looking to support local vendors, Gibbs looked to CTComp when they began migrating to a full Intel‐based platform.CTComp was the obvious choice for all of their networking needs.

Gibbs Wire has approximately 150 employees with 5 locations across the country and one in Canada. Rather than expand their IT department, Gibbs wanted a solution that was both economical and reliable. As a small business, with a small information systems department, Gibbs needed a dependable and cost effective IT network management & computer support partner. In 2007, they signed the Master Computer Network services agreement with CTComp.

The Solution:

In 2008, Gibb’s network was running at maximum capacity. Pat turned to CTComp for guidance. Everything was running on one physical server with multiple application servers installed on it. Before they ordered another server,CTComp analyzed the problem, explained the issues, and provided a logical solution (VMWare) which fit within their budget. Virtualization is now saving Gibbs time and money. It allows Gibbs to run several virtual machines on one physical machine, sharing the resources of that one computer across several environments.

Gibbs is currently benefitting from all of the following VMWare features:

  • Multiple operating systems running on a single computer
  • Reduced costs due to increased energy efficiency and less hardware
  • Applications performing at their highest availability and performance
  • Improved desktop management & control
  • Faster deployment of desktops
  • Fewer support calls related to application conflicts

“When we had overtaxed our network, the technicians at CTComp went above and beyond to get us up and running smoothly.”

Patricia Wright, Director of MIS, Gibbs Wire & Steel Co, Inc.

“CTComp is my right arm of support regarding all network applications. I mean, they can do anything.”

Patricia Wright, Director of MIS, Gibbs Wire & Steel Co, Inc.

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