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OR-Live, Inc. is an Internet broadcasting company which creates live and on-demand video-based communications solutions for clients in the healthcare industry. OR-Live, Inc. has an incomparable level of expertise in the healthcare field that has been showcased in its work for hospitals, allied health professionals, equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

The Challenge:

OR-Live, Inc. is best known as an interactive online company that produces and distributes live surgical procedures via the internet. In addition, OR-Live offers health care communication strategies for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies that deliver interactive programming to physicians and other allied healthcare professionals.

Until recently, OR-Live had been using a complex project management process to produce and launch its surgical media products from proposal to sales to completed product. Director of Information Technology William White recognized that OR-Live was quickly outgrowing its rudimentary combination of Excel spreadsheets and e-mail to manage this process. OR-Live required a more robust and efficient system to coordinate the complexity of multifaceted projects.

White contacted CTCOMP and we developed a strategy to help OR-Live mature out of basic e-mail communication into a more efficient platform based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The solution was designed to establish a unified workflow engine that would integrate across many of OR-Live’s applications from Outlook calendars to Excel reports.

The Solution:

CTComp provided OR-Live with installation and setup services to build out the SharePoint solution, including hardware and software. CTComp trained IT administrators, content designers, producers and other key OR-Live staff who would be using SharePoint to design document libraries and workflows. This allowed the entire organization to get involved and helped speed implementation of the SharePoint forward. CTComp also implemented complementary technology to the new system, including Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 for e-mail functionality, SQL Server 2005 for database management and Microsoft Office 2007 for productivity.

The resulting integrated SharePoint solution allowed individual sites to be created for each client and project, which enables all OR-Live staff to stay on the same page and move multiple projects along at different stages of production with less effort than on the old system. The entire implementation process, which included concept development, testing, training and deployment, took less than three months.

SharePoint’s reception from the OR-Live team has been very positive. The improved accuracy and decline in errors has resulted in a reduction of the cost associated with producing a segment and an increase in customer satisfaction. SharePoint’s versatility has empowered OR-Live to respond more efficiently to rush orders and high-importance requests.

Weekly production meetings to review projects and business has been reduced from 1.5 hours to 30 minutes because of document visibility and real-time updates made in the SharePoint portal. Transportability of SharePoint backup files results in a more robust disaster recovery and business continuity system for OR-Live. SharePoint workflow management opens the door to other integrated software such Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, which OR-Live has implemented.


“SharePoint has become our company’s operating system, and any other piece of technology we implement either has to work in it or gracefully alongside. ”

William White, Director of Information Technology, OR-Live, Inc.

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