Tech Updates

Microsoft has announced the end-of-sale date for PC manufacturers to stop selling machines with either Windows 7 or 8.1 preinstalled – October 31st, 2016.  Businesses that have a volume license agreement that includes Software Assurance on their desktop operating systems will still be able to image their new PC’s to an older supported O/S, but they will be shipped out from the manufacturer (i.e. HP) with Windows 10 installed.

Over the next year, discuss and plan out your desktop strategy with your CTComp Account Executive so that you can avoid any problems at the end of 2016.

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Adobe Releases Emergency Patch for Flash Player

Adobe confirmed external reports on October 14th that a critical vulnerability existed in Flash Player.  They were able to move quickly, and released a patch just 2 days later on Friday, October 16th that addresses the vulnerability.  Unpatched machines are susceptible to intruders, who can leverage the three flaws to execute code that would allow them to take control of the unit.  This vulnerability was being exploited by Pawn Storm, a Russian outfit, who was targeting foreign affairs ministries.  The vulnerability was first reported by the researchers at Trend Micro, who subsequently informed Adobe of the issue, in an effort to quickly remediate the problem.

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Microsoft Furthers their Mobile Strategy – Releases “Arrow”, an Android App

On October 28th, Microsoft released their latest mobile app for Android.  It’s called Arrow, and it’s a free Android launcher that reorganizes your app shortcuts so they are listed by the frequency they are used.  It also includes a dock area where users can drop shortcuts to their favorite apps & settings.

Arrow can be downloaded from the Google Play store from your Android phone or tablet.  This is just one more step Microsoft is taking in the pursuit of regaining traction in the mobile computing world.

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Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home:
2015 Annual Meeting & Exposition

Thursday, November 5, 2015

CTComp will be sponsoring this years Annual Meeting & Expo, being held at the Hartford Marriott Downtown.  The 2015 theme is:

“Transforming Healthcare at Home: Solutions for Population Health Management, Care Transition, and Gaps in Care.”

If you are in the Home Healthcare industry, join us by registering here.

Bankworld 2016
Friday, January 15, 2016 8:00 AM – 2:45 PM

This annual conference, held by The Warren Group, is specifically tailored for banking professionals in Connecticut and the surrounding area. If you are in the banking industry, don’t miss this event!

Register with our code (CTCOMBW16) by November 6th for complimentary (i.e. FREE) admission! After November 6th, take 50% off the standard fee with the same code.