Update: 3/23/20

As the situation surrounding COVID‑19 continues to evolve, we want to assure you that we are here to support you.

We are operational and supporting our customers to the best of our mutual abilities. We intend on continuing to be operational so your workforce remains the same. Please keep the following scenarios in mind as we navigate daily changes and let us know how we can continue to be of service:

  • We will continue to provide the same day-to-day support managing your infrastructure as we always have been whether we are working out of our offices or our homes.
  • If onsite work is required, we will work through each case together to determine the best way to handle it.
  • If purchases need to be made for planned projects, ongoing manufacturer renewals support, new initiatives to expand your remote workforce and so on, we are able to help, process, and plan ahead.
  • If you need assistance thinking through ideas and technical requirements to keep your employees working to the best of their abilities, please let us help. Scheduling team calls are easy!
  • We are providing FREE 90-day Cisco Webex subscription(s) for all businesses, schools, government agencies, etc. that need a web-based tool set for Video Conferencing, Team Collaboration, Webinars, and Online Training. CTComp will set up your trial account allowing you to deploy to your end users. If you need ongoing subscriptions after 90 days, CTComp will help convert existing trial subscriptions to become annual renewals. For organizations needing more than one or few accounts, this is the best way to manage today and moving forward. Click here to view more details about Cisco Webex. Need help configuring your subscription? Click here to create a ticket with CTComp, we can help.

If and when you need technical support, a ticket can automatically be created at that time by emailing service@ctcomp.com.

If you are uncertain as to who to turn to, maybe because you haven’t been doing business with CTComp to date, please email us @ info@ctcomp.com and an account manager will follow up with you the same day.

The CTComp Team