Tech Updates

Microsoft introduces an Active Directory – Group Policy Object (GPO) Behavior Change MS16-072

This past patch Tuesday, Microsoft released a patch to prevent a theoretical “man in the middle attack” when GPOs are downloaded from your servers to your endpoints.

When that patch is applied, there is a “double increase” in security, one with an unintended consequence.

That consequence is that SOME GPOs will no longer apply when you expected them to. You could call this a “breaking change”, Microsoft wanted this behavior updated. And it’s not TERRIBLE; it’s simply somewhat inconvenient to fix and make right again.

In order to correct this inconvenience, you must change policies to either allow authenticated users read or domain computers read to the GPO. Since domain computers is more minimum from a security perspective we are recommending that you set “domain computers” to have a read permission on each GPO.

You can find more information here as well:

If you would like CTComp to help you identify if any of your GPOs are affected or to apply the proper permissions to rectify the issue. Please open a ticket with the service group.

CTComp Introduces Additional Security Solutions

CTComp is now offering customers Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware,Cisco OpenDNS, Cisco AMP, and Managed Firewall Services to help improve one’s overall Security Posture. Based on your security requirements, existing infrastructure, and ability support; these offerings will be provided through a managed service or an outright product purchase. We are very excited to bring these additional solutions to market and feel these products and services will help define a posture that allows for better insight and remediation to security risks or breaches. Below are links to these manufacturers sites and products. You can expect to hear a lot more about
these offerings and options.

Cisco Product Overview

Contact us to discuss our Before, During, and After messaging as well as get information regarding all of the security products we offer.

Customer Solutions

HPE 3PAR StoreServStorage

HPE’s 3PAR storage solution provides our customers with flash-optimized data storage to instantly handle inconsistent workloads with 99.9999% data availability. The system is also completely scalable that can start with as little as a few terabytes in a single system and scale to over eighty petabytes in a four-system federation.This allows it to be used for small businesses all the way up to the largest enterprises.

Seminars & Events

CTComp 2016 Technology Showcase Coming Soon!

We will be announcing the date and more information concerning our annual tech showcase later this month.


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