Cisco Notice

2017-11-13T21:04:31-05:00Feb 9th, 2017|Security & Technology Updates|

Cisco has identified an issue with a component, a clock-signal, which is faulty in some of its equipment.  In some units, this clock signal component will degrade over time. Although the Cisco products with this component are currently performing normally, [...]

Tech Update May 27, 2016

2017-11-13T21:07:29-05:00May 27th, 2016|Security & Technology Updates|

SALESFORCE SECURITY UPDATE Introduction Salesforce has announced that they will be upgrading their systems and will no longer support certain legacy encryption standards. This means that applications which interact and communicate with Salesforce may need to be upgraded to [...]

Symantec Releases Security Updates

2017-11-13T21:10:05-05:00Apr 22nd, 2016|Security & Technology Updates|

National Cyber Awareness System Symantec Releases Security Updates 04/19/2016 01:30 PM EDT Original release date: April 19, 2016 Symantec has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in its Messaging Gateway (SMG) Appliance software. Exploitation of one of these vulnerabilities [...]

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