Email Encryption is a very important topic every business needs to consider — the hefty fines and irreplaceable trust of your clients after a breach could just put you out of business.  Do you encrypt sensitive information in emails today?

FINANCE: Stanford Federal Credit Union

Stanford, CA

18,000 victims A Stanford Federal Credit Union employee accidentally included the personal information of members in an email. The personal information compromised included names, addresses, credit information and tax identification numbers. Read more here.

EDUCATION: Inland Empire Colleges

Riverside County, CA

35,000 victims An employee sent an email containing the names, social security numbers and addresses of students to an external email account. Over 35,000 students were impacted by this security breach. Read more here.

HEALTHCARE: St. Joseph Health of California

Irvine, CA

11,800 victims A St. Joseph Health employee accidentally sent unsecured PHI via an email attachment in February 2014. The file sent contained patient names, codes, statuses and more. Read more here.

Together, CTComp and Zix can help you:

  • Install a set-it-and-forget-it email encryption solution
  • Ensure every sensitive email that leaves your organization is encrypted
  • Quarantine sensitive emails for further review
  • Provide your employees mobile access to email, calendar and contacts without allowing corporate data to reside on their personal devices.

Zix is trusted by over 12,000 organizations, including the U.S. federal banking regulators, one in four U.S. banks, one in five U.S. hospitals, SEC and FINRA to secure their email.

Listen to a podcast from Data Breach Today with Zix Corp. CEO Richard Spur, as they discuss the evolution of email security.

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