On July 27th, the long standing term “SMARTnet” was retired.  The new service is called Smart Net Total Care, or SNTC. All existing SMARTnet customers have already been seamlessly transitioned to the SNTC program.  This program covers all the same support features we’ve all come to expect from Cisco Services, with an added entitlement to Cisco’s “Smart Services” capabilities.

“Smart services have automated software-enabled capabilities, which collect network and device diagnostic data. This is analyzed and compared to Cisco’s deep knowledge base delivering actionable Insight. This actionable insight can take the form of assessing the state of the network and devices, optimizing network performance, improving operational efficiency, and simplifying and automating ongoing operations.”

– Cisco Support

Customers with existing SMARTnet contracts do not need to do anything or make any changes, even at renewal time.  If you are interested in accessing Smart Services, you can self-onboard athttp://www.cisco.com/web/smartservices/sntc.html, or this can be discussed with your CTComp Account team.

View the Cisco PPT Presentation here.