Project Description



Salem School District



The Salem School community is a 1‐building school district with approximately 100 employees serving 500 students from pre‐k thru 8th grade. This unique school system consists of one structure which houses Salem’s elementary and middle schools, as well as the district’s central office.

The Challenge:

In 2005, Donna Leake became the Superintendent of this distinct  learning community. A few months into her new role, the administrative application server at Salem Public Schools crashed.

At the time of this major server failure, Salem had one IT employee who was working with several different vendors. They weren’t satisfied with the level of service they were receiving and decided to look for a partner who understood the situation, and would work with them long‐term.

The Solution:

“Once we found CTComp, they solved our problems right away. They were very easy to work with and spent a lot of time with us. CTComp analyzed our entire infrastructure; what was working, what wasn’t, and what could be done to improve it. From there the relationship grew,” says Donna.

In 2008, the Salem School District embarked on a major project to move to a wireless system. CTComp helped write the grant for state funding which helped Salem make this dream a reality. CTComp overcame various architectural obstacles at the location; some of the building sections were built in the 1940’s, with extremely small rooms and old wiring, but the final design and configuration by CTComp worked!

Connecticut Computer Service and Salem Public Schools continue to enjoy a great working relationship. In addition to the day‐to‐day network support, CTComp also provides Remote Management Support services to the Salem School District, combining software and hardware which is managed offsite by the technical support team at CTComp. CTComp continues to assist Salem with strategic planning to further improve their infrastructure, while keeping them informed on the latest technology pertinent to the needs of their one‐of‐a‐kind educational community.


“We had the vision and CTComp provided the roadmap. CTComp gave us a plan we could follow. Our entire building is now completely wireless.”

Salem Network Technician

“I don’t think there has ever been a time that we called CTComp without getting an answer. Everything they promise, they deliver.”

Donna Leake, Superintendent, Salem School District

“Tom Riggio is my main contact at CTComp. He is very responsive and honest in his work with us. Both Tom and therest of the CTComp team have spent a lot of time with us, cultivating the relationship and responding to our needs. They value continued service rather than short term sales. “

Donna Leake, Superintendent, Salem School District

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