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RC Bigelow


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R.C. Bigelow, Inc. has produced quality teas since 1945. Based in Fairfield, CT, Bigelow Tea takes pride in its family heritage and its successful growth into one of the nation’s leading producers of Green Tea, Decaf Tea, Herbal Tea, Flavored Tea and specialty teas. At Bigelow, the consumer is number one. Therefore, it is essential that we provide a product that satisfies all of their expectations. Good flavor and product freshness are the prime considerations in the creations of their teas.

The Challenge:

When RC Bigelow’s antivirus and security contract was about to expire, IT Manager Steven Ortiz decided to seek out a new service provider. Not only did the current software have a long processing time and cause their machines to run slowly, it wasn’t effective.

For example, when spyware was detected, the threat was never actually deleted it from their system. Steven was seeking an efficient and reliable system that provided the advanced features that Bigelow wanted, along with the functionality that they needed. Steve decided to contact CTComp for guidance after having worked on a number of other successful IT projects over the last several years.

The Solution:

After consulting with Tom Riggio, VP of Sales at CTComp, Steve chose Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition paired with Symantec Network Access Control 11.0. These products now provide Bigelow with multiple layers of protection with market‐leading endpoint, messaging, web, and network security. Symantec Protection Suite also safeguards their data which is quickly recoverable in the event of failure. As a mid‐size company with 5 locations and almost 300 employees, this solution is exactly what Bigelow needed.

Steve loved the idea of streamlining their infrastructure security with one purchase and one vendor for complete protection. By removing the need for more vendors, CTComp was able to help Bigelow eliminate additional IT expenses. Bigelow’s new service actually costs the same as their previous service but includes an array of added features, is a program that works well and is worry‐free.


“The CTComp technical team is great. If we have a problem, they make it their business to get to us whether they are in the office or not. They know the infrastructure inside and out, so when they’re here, it’s like they’re home.”

Steven Ortiz, IT Manager, RC Bigelow

“I would recommend CTComp to others, not only because of the quality of their products, but because of their dedicated staff.”

Steven Ortiz, IT Manager, RC Bigelow

“It was a no‐brainer to go with Symantec. The anti‐virus and spam filtering software, networtk access control, and device management were all bundled together. They provided the additional services we needed without additional costs.”

Steven Ortiz, IT Manager, RC Bigelow

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