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American Eagle Federal Credit Union



American Eagle Credit Union is the largest federal credit union in Connecticut with over 275 employees, 96,000 members and $1 billion dollars in assets. The Credit Union operates 17 branches throughout Central Connecticut with the vision to be the community’s first choice for financial services.

The Challenge:

In 2009, AEFCU was being forced off of the outdated frame‐relay system that they had been using. Ed Grinvalsky, MIS Manager at AEFCU, knew encryption was his top priority, and turned to CTComp for advice and support in making this important technology upgrade for his company. Chris Avery, Field Service Network Engineer at CTComp, suggested Cisco Group Encrypted Transport VPN as a solution for Ed and his team.

The Solution:

For this project, CTComp engineers created scripts for branch routers which saved American Eagle a lot of time.  According to Ed, their entire network infrastructure, including this new router configuration, has been working flawlessly. Encryption was a new technology for American Eagle, but with CTComp’s expertise, the deployment ran smoothly.

Cisco GET VPN had several benefits for AEFCU, including:

  • Simplifying instant branch‐to‐branch communications: Ensuring low latency and jitter by enabling full‐time, direct communications between sites, without requiring transport through a central hub
  • Maximizing security: Providing encryption for MPLS networks while maintaining  network intelligence such as full‐mesh connectivity, natural routing path, and quality of service
  • Complies with governmental regulation and privacy laws: Helping to meet security compliance and internal regulation by encrypting all WAN traffic
  • Offering management flexibility: Eliminating complex peer‐to‐peer key  management with group encryption keys
American Eagle

“There are a lot of generic VPNs on the market, but CTComp recommended Cisco. It’s a much cleaner technology than the point to point tunnels we would have had to build using the conventional VPN method. After reviewing our options, Cisco GET VPN was the obvious choice.”

Ed Grinvalsky, MIS Manager, American Eagle Federal Credit Union
American Eagle

“Thanks to CTComp, the transition from the traditional frame relay system to Cisco Get VPN was smooth. The deployment was seamless, and no one outside of the IT department even knew it happened.”

Ed Grinvalsky, MIS Manager, American Eagle Federal Credit Union
American Eagle

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Chris Avery. He is professional, but down to earth. The scripts he created for the configuration of our branch routers saved a lot of time and work flawlessly.”

Ed Grinvalsky, MIS Manager, American Eagle Federal Credit Union
American Eagle

“CTComp is very good. They are very accommodating and have a knowledgeable staff that I lean on when I need to. I wouldn’t have been with CTComp all these years if I didn’t believe in them.”

Ed Grinvalsky, MIS Manager, American Eagle Federal Credit Union

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