Wanna Cry/WannaCrypt

cyberThe newest Ransomware making headlines today is Wanna Cry/WannaCrypt. 

It affects both servers and devices.  Windows 10 is not affected however all older OS versions are.  In fact Microsoft released a patch for XP and 2003 even though both are no longer supported for patches!

Here is a link that describes MS guidance.   The short answer is patching and disable SMB1 if possible.

Read Microsoft’s Customer Guidance Document on WannaCrypt Attacks.

For those customers that have patching as part of their CTComp Master agreement – you probably have been patched already!  Microsoft released the patch in March so your April patching has patched it!   If you are not a patching customer – please patch all your systems as soon as possible and consider turning off at least SMBv1 if possible.

While this attack is handled by the patch, we feel this attack will evolve over time, so additional defense strategies will provide possible protections. For example, to further protect against SMBv1 attacks, customers should consider blocking legacy protocols on their networks. The other component is to turn off SMBv1 if possible.  This is not something that is part of typical patches and can lead to application or access failure so use caution.

If you would like to engage CTComp to patch your systems or to work w/you in shutting off SMBv1 please submit a ticket requesting the patch or removal of SMBv1 to

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Cisco Notice

Cisco has identified an issue with a component, a clock-signal, which is faulty in some of its equipment.  In some units, this clock signal component will degrade over time. Although the Cisco products with this component are currently performing normally, Cisco expects product failures to increase over time, beginning after the unit has been in operation for approximately 18 months. Once the component has failed, the system will stop functioning, will not boot, and is not recoverable.


To learn more about this issue, visit:



Products affected:

Product Family Product IDs (PIDs)



C1-CISCO4321/K9, C1-CISCO4331/K9

C1-CISCO4351/K9, ISR4321/K9, ISR4321-AX/K9, ISR4321-AXV/K9, ISR4321-SEC/K9, ISR4321-V/K9, ISR4321-VSEC/K9, ISR4331/K9, ISR4331-AX/K9, ISR4331-AXV/K9, ISR4331-SEC/K9, ISR4331-V/K9, ISR4331-VSEC/K9, ISR4351/K9, ISR4351-AX/K9, ISR4351-AXV/K9, ISR4351-SEC/K9, ISR4351-V/K9, ISR4351-VSEC/K9, ISR4321-B/K9, ISR4321BR/K9, ISR4321BR-V/K9, ISR4331-B/K9, ISR4331BR/K9, ISR4331BR-V/K9

APP UCS-EN120E-108/K9, UCS-EN120E-208/K9, UCS-EN120E-54/K9, UCS-EN120E-58/K9, UCS-EN140N-M2/K9
NCS5500 NC55-18H18F,NC55-24H12F-SE, NC55-24X100G-SE, NC55-36X100G
N9500 N9K-C9504-FM-E, N9K-C9508-FM-E, N9K-X9732C-EX

1783-SAD4T0SBK9, 1783-SAD4T0SPK9,

ISA-3000-2C2F-K9, ISA-3000-4C-K9

M2M800 IR809G-LTE-GA-K9, IR809G-LTE-NA-K9,





Meraki All MX84s and MS350s
CNSWTCH MS350-24-HW, MS350-24P-HW, MS350-48-HW, MS350-48LP-HW, MS350-48FP-HW, MS350-24X-HW
ASALOW ASA5506H-SP-BUN-K9, ASA5506-K8, ASA5506-K9, ASA5506-SEC-BUN-K8,

ASA5506-SEC-BUN-K9, ASA5506W-A-K9,

ASA5506W-B-K9, ASA5506W-E-K9, ASA5506W-Q-K9,

ASA5506W-Z-K9, ASA5506-FTD-K9, ASA5506W-A-FTD-K9, ASA5506W-B-FTD-K9, ASA5506W-E-FTD-K9

ASAMID ASA5508-K8, ASA5508-K9, ASA5516-FPWR-K8, ASA5516-FPWR-K9, ASA5508-FTD-K9, ASA5516-FTD-K9



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We are Hiring! Help Desk/Field Service Technician

What you will be doing:

• Achieve results for a premier IT Services Organization
• Install/troubleshoot Hardware and Software
• Help Desk Support / Respond to Client Tickets
• Support our Clients IT Staff
• Travel when necessary to client sites

This position will allow you to be a Help Desk Support Engineer. We provide support for our clients IT staff and their user’s applications issues. Help Desk support includes both remote and on-site service. You will be trained on troubleshooting operating systems, hardware, peripherals, and applications. You will also learn to install, configure and support client desktops, laptops, devices, and peripherals as well as various infrastructure components that we provide to our customers.

What you need to qualify:

• Experience working on a Help Desk or equivalent certifications (A+/Network+, or MCP)
• Microsoft Server/Office 365/Cisco/HP Infrastructure experience
• Other IT Certifications HP ACE, MCSE, MCTIP, CCNA a plus
• Excellent people skills
• Professional appearance, attire, and demeanor

What’s in it for you?

• A career path, not just a job
• Constant learning of new and cutting edge technologies
• Work for a professional IT Services Firm and Engineers that can enhance your career
• Training for your Microsoft and other Certifications
• Full Time, Competitive salary, Medical/Dental, 401k
• Mileage reimbursement – most clients are located < 1 hr. drive time

Windows OS (Windows XP/7/8/10), Backup Software, Symantec and Trend Micro Anti-Virus, Microsoft Server Applications (Exchange / SQL /SharePoint /IIS), Troubleshooting and ConnectWise Ticketing System.

Send Resume and Salary Requirements to

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December CTComp Connection



Tech Updates





CTComp is Now Microsoft Surface Retailer! Image result for surface studio

Connecticut Computer Service is now able to provide our customers with the full line-up of Microsoft Surface devices.


Outlook 2007 Will Officially Go Out of Support with Office 365 October 31st, 2017

Image result for Outlook 2007The recommended solution is to move to the latest version of Office 2016 as part of Office 365 ProPlus.
If you’re unable to move to Office 365 ProPlus by October 31, 2017, make sure that Office applications in your organization are updated with the most recent cumulative update.


Citrix Support Changes new levels of support are available starting Jan. 1, 2017

Select (a replacement to Software Maintenance): Introduces a newly redesigned entry-level package, building on our award-winning 24x7x365 technical support plus brand new product and services exclusive to Select customers.

Priority: Designed for larger corporate and enterprise customers who need business critical support
capabilities. Priority builds on Select by introducing assigned technical account managers offering personalized support with priority routing and
queuing for even faster response and restoration times, plus specialized proactive care services.

Priority Plus: Builds on Priority, introducing a mission-critical level of support for those customers who need a truly customizable service, with our highest level of response times, fastest restoration targets, and enhanced monitoring with preventative care.


Select will be available 1/1/2017 and Priority & Priority Plus will be available July 2017. 


Subscription Advantage (SA) Standalone End of Sale and End of Renewal dates:

Effective January 1, 2017 SA End of Sale for new customers.

Effective July 1, 2017 SA End of Sale and End of Renewal for existing

o   Active Subscription Advantage agreements will be honored until their expiration
date, even if this is after the End of Sale date of July 1, 2017. However,
any new license purchases for existing customers on or after July 1, 2017
will require the new licenses to be purchased with a 1 year Select


What’s happening in January?

Effective January 1, 2017:

A one-year Select subscription will be required with all Software purchases for all New Customers. This is new for XenApp and XenDesktop

Subscription Advantage Standalone End of Sale for new customers. Existing customers will have until July 1, 2017 before any expansion orders will
require the purchase of a one-year Customer Success Services (Select, Priority, or Priority Plus) subscription, at which time standalone Subscription Advantage will be retired.

Legacy contracts (Preferred and Enterprise Support) are going End-of-Renewal with End-of-Life for all such contracts upon agreement expiration.

Software Maintenance will be replaced with Select and all existing Software Maintenance customers will receive access to the new value-added features
included with Select Services.



Customer Solutions is now able to offer our customers the world’s #1 CRM solution with Salesforce. This platform will allow you to streamline your sales, service, and marketing within one cloud-based application where you can monitor your business from lead generation through delivery. Like all of our solutions, we offerSalesforce as a custom tailored solution specifically configured with our customer in mind. Computer Service has functioned as an end-user helpdesk support for many of our clients. In doing so we have handled
hardware changes, machine rebuilds, imaging, anti-virus, new machine installs, and system configurations. In addition if there are IT issues outside of those we have the support team to handle it no matter how basic or advanced
it is. This provides a contractual, responsive and fixed cost approach for your end-user help desk.

 Contact Us to discuss a solution for your business.


Seminars & Events


BankWorld 2017
CTComp is happy to again be a part of BankWorld 2017, happening January 13th 2017, and offer our customers a 50% off coupon (CTCBW17) off the price of admission. Register Today:

 BankWorld is back for its 22nd year, and this is your can’t-miss opportunity to learn about the future of banking at the Northeast’s largest and most exciting banking BankWorld is a one-day conference where we’ll ramp it up to 88 miles per hour and examine emerging opportunities and innovative solutions for the banking industry. Attendees will also have access to essential educational session,
interactive panels, cutting-edge exhibits, countless networking opportunities, raffles, and so much more.


If you’re an executive, senior management, or bank staff involved in operations, technology, lending, retail banking, marketing & sales, human resources, security, or compliance & risk management, BankWorld is for you.

CTComp will be hosting a post-event get together at the Vista Lounge from 8:00PM & 11:00PM.

Register Today:


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