In the spring of 2015, VNA Community Healthcare purchased new HP ProDesk 400 Desktop PC’s to replace all of their existing desktops.  It had been 4-5 years since their desktops had been replaced, so their existing machines were out of warranty and were becoming more and more expensive to maintain.  The VNA periodically upgrades all of their desktop hardware concurrently, so that they only have to maintain and support a single model desktop throughout their entire network.  But, space constraints at their offices make processing this mass-upgrade very difficult.

“CTComp and crew did a great job making this desktop rollout much easier on our IT team. Every desktop was checked and our image was applied before the machines were delivered to our site, ready to install at the user’s desk within minutes of unboxing.”

– Jim Limmer, IT Manager, VNA Community Healthcare, Inc.

CTComp worked with the VNA to determine what their PC needs were, quoted and procured the units, hardware-tested each machine to verify none were DOA, and then pre-configured them with the VNA’s desktop image.  Then, the machines were delivered to each site as the VNA IT team was ready to install them.

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