Recently, we began highlighting some of the projects we are seeing an up-tick of interest in here at CTComp. Today we’ll delve into the next set of these trending project types, giving you a 10,000 foot overview of what each is comprised of. First, we are seeing many companies interested in upgrading their Exchange and SharePoint environments. Second, there is big interest around converting backup strategies to more modern solutions, comprised not only of tape and disk, but also including replication and recovery into their procedures. And finally, organizations are looking at how they can upgrade their server hardware infrastructure to reduce their costs in maintenance and power consumption, all while increasing their efficiency and productivity.

Exchange and SharePoint are complex products, and are generally very central to a business’s core operations. Upgrades to these products are important, but need to be planned out in such a way as to not disrupt the daily nature of what you do. CTComp has been working with Exchange for over 15 years, and SharePoint for almost a decade – we’d love to help you design, plan and implement your organizations upgrade.

Backing up your data is not a new notion, and it will always be a best-practice recommendation, even as it’s “form” changes over time. Backup these days is not just about what you save, but how you save it, and how easily it can be accessed should it be needed. Companies like StorageCraft, Veeam and Symantec all have their own place in the backup strategy arena – let us help you design the right blend of software, services and procedure to get the right backup solution designed for your business.

Hardware infrastructure – your servers and Storage Area Networks are critical components to your data center and your business, and they also cost you a lot of money even after they’ve been paid for. They chew up electricity and spit out heat, which in turn has you spending more money to cool them down. HP is continuously innovating their hardware technology to use less power and run more coolly, saving your business money. If your hardware is between 3 and 5 years old, it’s time to start thinking about upgrading to newer, more efficient models. CTComp is fully staffed with engineers who can help you design a modern infrastructure to meet your growing network demands.