In November of 2014, Saint Joseph Living Center added the CTComp Help Desk support to their Master Agreement.  This service provides subscribers with remote and onsite support of their core Network Infrastructure software.  The customer simply e-mails or calls into the dedicated Help Desk team when an issue comes up, and an engineer assists them to get it resolved.

“We signed up for the CTComp Help Desk Service last fall, and we are very pleased with the Service.  The CTComp staff are always patient, professional and able to help resolve our issues.  The service has been a boost to staff production, as well, because our down time has been greatly decreased.  I no longer have to stop what I am doing to assist someone who has lost a file, or having internet issues, etc.  I simply email (or call, if necessary) CTComp to open a ticket and supply them with the name and contact information for our employee/user having the issue, and a CTComp rep calls the employee directly and resolves the issue, usually within an hour.  I strongly recommend this service.”

– Laurie Rose, Business Office Manager, Saint Josephs Living Center, Inc.

If you would like to learn more about our Help Desk service, or any of the other Managed Services we offer, please reach out to your Account Executive, or contact us.

CTComp Help Desk Team:
Jordon Poulin, Marc Siciliano, April Brissette, Lloyd Bailey, and Luis Chanco