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Orange Art Wholesale


Art & Design

Services Provided

  • Network installation, design, integration & support
  • StorageStorage AreaArea NetworkingNetworking
  • Virtualization and Server Consolidation
  • Wide Area Network design and implementation
  • Ethernet, fiber and wireless LAN
  • Remote access
  • Messaging and data archiving
  • Microsoft CRM & SharePoint
  • Voice over IP and Unified Communications
  • Data, device and endpoint security
  • System hardening
  • Desktop deployment
  • Network Monitoring & Disaster Recovery
  • Patch Management
  • Offsite Data Replication

Orange Art is owned and operated by Carol & John, husband & wife. They began as a wholesale art paper company and have expanded that business to art supplies and created a separate company, Orange  Art Stationery, in 1992 with the introduction of  their Brookfield letterpress stationery and Orange Art Miniature Books. They live and work in lovely Woodstock, CT.

The Challenge:

Orange Art began working with CTComp in the mid‐1980s. Orange Art was rapidly expanding and needed a network comprised of multiple customer service workstations. Technology was getting more advanced and they needed a reliable computer service partner that was also affordable.

The Solution:

According to Carol, CTComp was the first IT company she found that was providing turnkey solutions for small businesses. CTComp offers IT solutions from Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, Hewlett Packard and others; solutions once reserved only for large corporations.

A small business today requires streamlined IT Solutions to remain competitive, while increasing dependability, security, and profitability. After four complete installations of network hardware and software over the years,  Carol and John have increased transaction speed and security, improved customer service, and enhanced interoffice communications. Orange Art and CTComp continue to navigate the challenges of wise IT investments for a small company, while promoting business growth.


“I have had CTComp salesmen who have worked for hours to figure out my most economical hardware purchase options, and technicians who have taken the time to answer all my questions with great patience.”

Carol Mackin, Owner, Orange Art

“It really helps to know that CTComp can give me a ‘heads up’ when they know a new product or service would truly be useful for my company. They have consistently kept my business size and budgetary constraints in mind as new products emerge. When they make a suggestion, I trust them.”

Carol Mackin, Owner, Orange Art

“I think our customers, and the manufacturers we represent, are impressed that such a small company, with competition several times our size, has been able to provide them with such state‐of‐ the‐art data and service.”

Carol Mackin, Owner, Orange Art

“As a small company, we could not afford to hire a full time IT employee. The next best thing was a reliable partner, who really got to know our business over time, and knowing our needs, could keep us operating on a smart, efficient network.”

Carol Mackin, Owner, Orange Art

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