The industry standard in network monitoring, PRTG Network Monitor, the product built by Paessler AG, is synonymous with reliability and ease of use.  In this case our client had been using the product in a smaller capacity for many years, but when CTComp formalized our relationship with Paessler earlier in 2015, the timing was right for them to reevaluate how they use the product.  We processed a new, larger license purchase for them in combination with their planned switching upgrade, and assisted them in the installation and configuration of the sensors on their core network equipment.

Today, this customer is self-monitoring with the PRTG product.  Soon, CTComp will be making this functionality available as a managed service.  We’ll keep you posted as that service is turned up in our data center and becomes available.

For a quick tutorial on how PRTG works, check out this video.

Let us know if you’d like more information about Network Monitoring and how it could improve your networks functionality.