In May, CTComp helped a local company upgrade from their existing Citrix Secure Gateway, to a NetScaler VPX – a virtual appliance. The upgrade was necessary because of a change to the way certificate encryption works, and is something all customers using Secure Gateway will need to plan for. This change, more commonly known as SHA-2, is a higher level of encryption which the Certificate Authorities have adopted. All secure certificates expiring on or after January 1, 2017 will be required to use SHA-2, and CSG is not designed to work with SHA-2 encryption.

Since CSG will not support these new SHA-2 certificates, and this financial institution was coming up on their certificate renewal, the timing was right to tackle their upgrade from CSG to the new NetScaler VPX appliance. The new appliance operates very similarly to CSG, but offers more authentication security, and supports the new SHA-2 certificates. This client now has remote access to their Citrix applications via their new NetScaler Gateway.

If you would like to discuss SHA-2 or NetScaler in greater detail, please contact your Account Executive.