Many companies have offices in multiple locations or employees that work remotely.

With your operations spread out like that, it can make it difficult to organize one location to store and save business-related files in. As employees save files on different folders, local drives, and networks, it can quickly get complicated to find and access the files you need. Simply opening an important file can turn into a scavenger hunt.

To solve this problem, it’s important to have a specific system for storing files. A central storage location ensures everyone who needs to access particular files can do so conveniently. Email is a great tool for sharing files between employees or teams, but sometimes certain files are too large to attach to emails. Emails containing important files can also be buried beneath other messages or accidentally sent to the trash folder. Luckily, cloud-based services provide a convenient alternative for easy file storage and sharing while assuring everyone is accessing the most up-to-date files.

For our file sharing needs, we use Microsoft’s Office 365 Software as a Service model. This platform has made it easier to store files in one place that our employees can access whether they’re working at one of our two locations or remotely.

Beyond the benefit of being able to share large files between our employees and teams that won’t fit in an email attachment, a cloud-based service like Office 365 simplifies how we access files. A simple hyperlink or email verification is all that is needed to grant access to a project file. A project file hosted via Office 365 allows users to track changes, make comments within the document, and flip between accessing files in the office or remotely. All of these features keep the work history of the file organized and centralized.

Using cloud services has improved the way we work and made the process of file storing and sharing more efficient. A cloud-based solution like Office 365 can help optimize your workflow as well. As part of our Managed Services, we offer public and private cloud services. Your files and data will be protected with essential firewall, antivirus, and malware protection. In addition, our backup and recovery solutions can complete your datacenter.

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