This spring, Durham Manufacturing elected to add CTComp’s Managed Backup service into their existing Master Agreement contract. This service uses StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect software as its engine, allowing replication of the backup data to our datacenter.

As part of this service, CTComp:

  • Set up, installed and configured all the software & hardware required
  • Is now backing up all data
  • Is monitoring the backup jobs & logs
  • Will restore files if/when needed
  • Is monitoring & will repair the backup hardware when needed

The CTComp Backup team worked together with the staff at Durham Manufacturing to design a backup strategy that was right for their business. They leveraged the customers’ existing available VM infrastructure to spin up a new Backup server as part of the installation process, allowing Durham Manufacturing to remove that task from one of their older, physical servers. The setup portion of the project completed with the successful replication of data to their offsite warehouse, putting Durham Manufacturing into a continued service pattern.

“Before moving to StorageCraft, we were using a tape library. Jobs would take hours and restoring data was cumbersome and time consuming. With the help of the CTComp team, we came up with an implementation plan designed to fit our company needs and requirements. The ability to set specific retention plans and backup frequencies has given us the ability to easily and quickly restore files and even full systems back to a point in time of our choosing. In addition, it is very helpful and reassuring to know that the CTComp team is there to review our backups, ensure their success and tackle any issues that may come up.   Utilizing the Backup Managed Service from CTComp has allowed us to allocate more of our time to focus on projects as well as the usual day to day issues that come up.”

– Joe Negro, I.T. Systems Administrator, Durham Manufacturing