Having wireless access at work is no longer a luxury – it is an obligatory type of connection that staff, vendors, and visitors all expect to have when they come into your facilities.  But, there are some different options for how you can deliver that service.  The traditional method is to host all your hardware & software locally in your facility and datacenter, and maintain & upgrade those components as needed.  On the other hand, Cisco Meraki makes Cloud Managed Wireless a very real, and very desirable, option.

In the summer of 2015, CTComp worked with a Connecticut municipality who is made up of several different facilities and sub-organizations, to implement a Cisco Meraki wireless solution.  Starting back in May, Dan Evans – one of our Cisco Certified engineers – surveyed the facilities to find the best placement for the Wireless Access Points, then worked with the CTComp cabling team to have network drops installed to all of those locations.  Once the Meraki WAP’s were installed, the configuration could begin.

Part of the configuration process is setting up separate Secure versus Guest wireless networks, which after being setup, can both be managed from the Meraki Web Portal.  This means that guests can be syphoned off, and only allowed to access a small portion of the bandwidth, ensuring that your resources are fully available for staff first and foremost.

Watch this quick video that explains Meraki and its benefits.

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