Recently, a long-standing healthcare client of CTComp expanded their practice by folding in another agency.  The most difficult part of tackling a merger like this is assimilating the various technology systems, and telephony services can be an especially large headache.  Unless you are using a Cisco Unified Communications solution in your core network already.

With the help of excellent financing from Cisco Capital, our client installed a Cisco Business Edition system in their network in 2010.  Because of that initial system investment – core phone system, presence server, and voice mail server with hooks into their Exchange environment – they were able to easily turn up a new site with minimal additional investment.  The directory numbers, dialing plans, users and handsets were all provisioned remotely, and the phones were deployed to the end-users.  And last but not least, a gateway for the site was provisioned and installed.

From there, the cutover was scheduled, and they went live with their new site as planned.  The IT staff provided the new users with training on their new phones and software, and the project was complete.

If you would like to learn more about Cisco UC, or about how CTComp can customize a VoIP solution to fit your needs, contact us.