Renting a class or conference room with CTComp provides a customizable and convenient way to train or educate your employees or students.

The implementation of new technologies and systems is essential to keeping your business at the forefront of the industry. However, not all offices and buildings are designed with employee training in mind. An office may be well-suited for getting work done, but not necessarily for learning how to work better. For situations when you need to instruct a large group of employees or students, a well-equipped classroom is the key to proper training.

A classroom environment offers many benefits when it comes to effectively training new employees or developing new skills in current employees. Spacious classrooms allow many people to all learn at once, which not only saves time compared to holding multiple smaller classes, but also improves learning. The extra time you save can be reinvested into answering questions during training, giving more in-depth demonstrations, and breaking into smaller groups to practice certain skill sets. A classroom is also a quiet environment dedicated to learning, and reduces the number of distractions compared to a bustling office. Everyone’s energy can be directed to learning correctly and efficiently.

The main obstacle in the way of a successful classroom training session is the renting of a classroom itself. It can be a challenge to find a classroom that is equipped with the technology you need in a location your employees or students can easily get to. That’s why CTComp has made renting class or conference rooms as simple as possible. We offer rentals in two convenient Connecticut locations, with options just off of I84 and I91. All of our rentals offer custom availability (including weekday, weekend, and evening hours) to cater to your schedule and logistics. These classrooms are as customizable as their availability: you select what size room to rent, how many computers you need, and what amenities to add on. When the day of your rental arrives, our facilities feature ample free parking and handicap access, making travel worry-free.

To help you refresh and refocus after a long training session, CTComp offers amenities such as continental breakfasts and catered lunches in addition to classroom rentals. Trainees can relax and soak in what they’ve learned in our cafeteria seating. On top of convenient catering, you can ensure a comfortable learning environment with classroom temperature control and spacious seating arrangements. CTComp’s fully customizable classrooms are designed to meet the needs of your training session, both in terms of amenities and teaching technologies. We can provide important tools for demonstrations, such as whiteboards and projectors, as well as enough personal computers to accommodate any number of students.

In addition to our customizable classrooms, CTComp also offers conference room rentals. Like our classrooms, our meeting room rentals come equipped with free, lightning-fast WiFi and customizable amenities. Our round table conference room seats up to 10, so that everyone who needs to be there can be there.

Take advantage of the benefits of a classroom environment by renting with CTComp.

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