The newest Ransomware making headlines today is Wanna Cry/WannaCrypt

It affects both servers and devices.  Windows 10 is not affected however all older OS versions are.  In fact Microsoft released a patch for XP and 2003 even though both are no longer supported for patches!

Here is a link that describes MS guidance.   The short answer is patching and disable SMB1 if possible.

Read Microsoft’s Customer Guidance Document on WannaCrypt Attacks.

For those customers that have patching as part of their CTComp Master agreement – you probably have been patched already!

Microsoft released the patch in March so your April patching has patched it!

If you are not a patching customer – please patch all your systems as soon as possible and consider turning off at least SMBv1 if possible.

While this attack is handled by the patch, we feel this attack will evolve over time, so additional defense strategies will provide possible protections. For example, to further protect against SMBv1 attacks, customers should consider blocking legacy protocols on their networks. The other component is to turn off SMBv1 if possible.  This is not something that is part of typical patches and can lead to application or access failure so use caution.

If you would like to engage CTComp to patch your systems or to work w/you in shutting off SMBv1 please submit a ticket requesting the patch or removal of SMBv1 to