If your business needs a network security company Windsor CT, East Granby CT, contact the certified technicians at CTComp. Many Connecticut companies are concerned about keeping their hardware and data safe, though due to a lack of knowledge or limited resources, don’t know where to begin. CTComp’s certified technicians will perform an audit and assess your network vulnerability. Your digital infrastructure and digital assets are ever vulnerable to sophisticated threats.  Give our office a call for a consultation.

CTComp can enhance your company’s security through the application of the latest information technologies. Our technicians look forward to collaborating with you. We improve security by hardening your digital systems and strengthening your firewall. Appropriate administrative and physical controls are developed for your business. Do not underestimate the role your staff plays in data and privacy security. We provide valuable security awareness education for employees, your first line of defense.

We work hard to protect against constantly evolving security threats. Protect your systems on all levels. CTComp sets up security controls and technology that adapt to the ever-changing security landscape. We proactively monitor and identify issues before they get away from you. When you would like to learn more about Ransomware protection or need help with anti-virus monitoring, we can help. CTComp will also assess your compliancy (HIPAA, NIST/DFARS, PCI). We are ready to help with an audit or a review to avoid breaches in security and noncompliance. Would you like to explore a variety of approaches and solutions to mitigate your risk?

CTComp Has Proactive Security Solutions

There are multiple methods and layers that should be considered when improving your security infrastructure. CTComp can continually evaluate your system and manage security as your company grows. Our experts will share with you  multiple approaches and solutions from various manufacturers (i.e. Microsoft, Cisco, HPE, Varonis, Netwrix, ZIX).  CTComp is a network security company serving East Hartford CT and Hartford CT businesses. For a consultation, please call us at 1-860-276-1285 today.

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