When you want better Cyber Security Wethersfield CT, Rocky Hill CT , look into CTComp. Since 1983, CTComp has provided a full menu of Information Technology services to local businesses like yours. Cyber security fortifies a computer network from intrusion. You can rely on CTComp for cyber security and protections from human intrusion and opportunistic malware.

Individuals and businesses alike are fair game by opportunistic hackers and thieves. Data breaches are increasing at a rapid pace even in large networks. The scale of the cyber threat continues to rise, notably against medical services, retailers and public entities.  Cyber criminals are going after customer information, notably financial and medical data. CTComp will educate your staff about common tactics used to infiltrate your systems through file downloads and malicious intrusions.

Types of cyber threats include cybercrime, cyber-attack, and cyberterrorism. As a business owner, you may wonder what your chances are of being a victim of an attack, and how to defend your infrastructure against intrusion. Malicious software known as Malware was created to disrupt or damage a legitimate user’s computer. Different types of malware include virus, trojans, spyware, ransomware, adware, and botnets. How do these threats infiltrate your systems? Call CTComp and get the information you need to protect your company from cyber threats.

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Harden your valuable network against cyber criminals and call our technicians for a consultation. You can rely on CTComp to protect your hardware and software, data, customers and employees. Ask us how CTComp cyber security protection can benefit your Rocky Hill CT or Wethersfield CT company. To request a consultation, please call us at 1-860-276-1285 today.

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