Your company will benefit from CTComp computer help desk support in Glastonbury CT, Marlborough CT.  As a leading Connecticut Information Technology company, we bring top shelf technical support to small and mid-sized companies in Hartford County CT. Help desk support personnel can plan for upgrades, updates, and maintenance tasks. When unexpected issues arise, your employees can request one-on-one support when facing a hardware, software or system issue.

The promise of today’s technology is to make your company both productive and profitable. Your company’s workstations have the latest computer hardware and software installed.  What do you do when programs fail or computers crash? When software updates are not done in a timely manner, or drivers have not been updated, your productivity plummets.  You can call for … and wait … for a technician to arrive and do a workaround. That should hold you until the next update is due.

When you own a small business – or work for one – you expect your tech to work – all the time. With CTComp computer help desk support on call for you, your problems are short-lived. What you can expect from your CTComp help desk:

  • install, configure and upgrade PC software
  • keep inventory of all equipment, software, and license users
  • assist with onboarding of new users
  • maintain user PCs, including upgrades and configuration as needed
  • responsible for PC’s, Printers, Servers and related peripheral equipment
  • maintain computer systems and act as support if any system goes down
  • monitor and respond quickly to incoming requests relate to IT issues

Contact CTComp for Information Technology Services

Rely on CTComp for technical assistance with your hardware and software, data auditing, backup and offsite replication, security awareness training and more. Together, we can streamline your day-to-day business operations by taking the headache out of your hardware, software, licensing and technical support. Your staff is going to love the support, and so will you. Ask us how CTComp computer help desk services can benefit your Marlborough or Glastonbury CT company. For a consultation, please call us at 1-860-276-1285 today.

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