Contact the experts at CTComp when want improved business network security New Britain CT. Your business needs safe and secure networks to transmit sensitive data and undergo file sharing. CTComp uses best the best security practices to help Hartford County Connecticut companies operate safely in today’s environment.  Cyber Security breaches which seem to come out of nowhere can shut your company down permanently. Today businesses rely heavily on internet and intranet business applications. Hardware, software, and digital data transmission can be targeted. It isn’t possible for most business owners to be fluent in all threats and safeguards. Companies with limited resources can secure their day-to-day technical operations by partnering with CTComp. Our certified technicians begin by assessing your network vulnerability.

Statistics show us that more than 60% of companies that experience a cyber attack will fail within 6 months. CTComp can help you reduce your network vulnerability through the application of the latest information technologies. Our technicians look forward to collaborating with you to harden your digital systems and strengthen your firewall. Appropriate administrative and physical controls are developed for your business. We provide security awareness education for employees, your first line of defense.

With CTComp on your team, your systems are protected on all levels.  Our security controls and technology adapt to the ever-changing security landscape. We proactively monitor and identify issues before they get away from you. There are multiple methods and layers that should be considered when improving your security infrastructure. Our experts will share with you multiple approaches and solutions from various manufacturers. CTComp leads the way in business network security New Britain CT and in surrounding areas. For a consultation, please call us at 1-860-276-1285 today.

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