Common Tasks in Word 2010


Common Tasks in Word 2010




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Join us for this 90-minute session to ensure your documents are ready for the printers!

After this session you will be able to make sure spelling checks out and lists & content is all in place in Word 2010 documents.

Course Outline

Proofing a Word Document

Check spelling and grammar

 Control the AutoCorrect behavior

 The Dictionary

Controlling the Appearance of Pages

Apply a page border and color

 Add a watermark

 Add Headers and Footers

 Control page layout

Managing Lists

Bulleted and numbered lists

 Bullet Options

 Renumbering Options

 Working with Multilevel Lists

 Sort a List

Inserting Special Characters and Graphical Objects

Insert symbols and special characters

 Add Illustrations to a document

Modifying Pictures

Resize a Picture

 Adjust the picture appearance settings

 Wrap text around a picture

 Insert and format screen shots

Download complete Outline Here

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