Salesforce Setup & Data Migration

Is your valuable customer data locked up in a legacy system, making it inaccessible to your Sales, Service and Marketing teams?
Many customers, like you, face these issues, and turn to CTComp for help

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Customers

Your customer data is like gold to the business, and your internal teams need quick, convenient & secure access to the data. You cannot afford the redundancy of reentering information between systems, or worse yet, shuffle stacks of paper from person to person.

Perhaps you have a library of product or customer support documents with no easy way to share and deliver them in context to your customers. Wouldn’t it be nice for your Support team to know that the customer they’re talking to has a big deal in the works so they can give them the proper attention, or for your Sales team to know that the customer they are calling on has a nagging support case open?

Contact the Data Migration Experts

    You can sleep better at night knowing CTComp has successfully resolved these issues for years. We collaborate with you to review and understand your unique situation then advise you on the most efficient & cost effective data migration strategy.

    Our deep expertise provides value when it comes to system integrations, securely tying your website and back office systems to Salesforce for the comprehensive view of your customers you’ve been longing for.

    CTComp is a Saleforce registered consulting partner. Let our experts upgrade you to Lightning today, because our business is understanding yours.

    CTComp – your Salesforce data migration experts.

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