The following policies are set forth for the rental space at CTComp and the Renter agrees to abide by these policies.  The two parties with-in this agreement are known as and referred to as “CTComp Rental Space” & “Renter”.

Rental Procedure:

A Signature or any acknowledgment to enter a Rental Agreement from any CTComp’s Rental communications including… e-mail, proposal or website form is an agreement by the Renter to reserve CTComp’s Rental Space.  All Fees will be collected in full 2 weeks prior to Rental Period.


No penalty if written notice is provided 15 days prior to meeting date. Cancellation with-in 8 to 14 days will be receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be issued if cancellation is 7 or less days from scheduled rental. A full refund, less applicable cancellation fees, will be mailed to Renter upon cancellation.

Room Set-up:

Fees include standard Class & Conference Room setup.

Any change from standard set-up is subject to an additional charge.

Renter is responsible for the repair of any damage incurred to CTComp’s Rental Space while with-in the Renter’s use.

Renter may bring their own AV equipment or order from an outside vendor. CTComp’s Rental Space offers no guarantee on compatibility of outside equipment. If additional AV equipment is required, Renter is responsible for arranging rental of equipment, set-up and dismantling. Renter must provide name of company that will be delivering additional AV equipment.

System Requirements:

If the rental of PC’s is requested, CTComp will prep the machines for the Renter.  The Renter will provide any 3rd party applications along with their installation instructions & System Requirements to CTComp 21 days before the Rental Period.  If these items are submitted any less than 21 days before the rental, CTComp’s Rental Space will not be held liable for the completion and setup of PC’s in time for the Rental Period.  If the System Requirements exceed CTComp’s Rental Space’s System’s Configuration, CTComp will notify the Renter immediately.  In the event the System Requirements cannot be met, CTComp will fully refund the Renter’s rental payment and the rental request can be cancelled.


Renter is responsible for the cleanliness of meeting facility upon conclusion of event; a clean-up fee of up to $100.00 will be assessed if meeting space is not returned to its original state.

  • Chairs and tables must be straightened and returned to original position.
  • No Renter materials to be left in meeting rooms.
  • All used paper, plastic ware; bottles and cans must be placed in trash receptacles.
  • Leftover food must be placed in trash receptacles.


Renter may order from an approved caterer or may bring in food & drink.


  • No smoking in facility.  Designated smoking area is located outside building.
  • No Candles
  • Alcohol. If you plan on bringing any type of Alcohol, an approval in advance is necessary.


Renter assumes all risk of, and agrees that CTComp’s Rental Space shall not be liable for any damage to property or injury to or death of any persons including, without limitation, Renter or its shareholders, members, directors, officers, employees, contractors, invitees, patrons, licensees, or agents, in, on or about CTComp’s Rental Space premises from any cause except where such damage or injury arises out of the gross negligence of CTComp’s Rental Space. Further, Renter shall fully indemnify and hold CTComp’s Rental Space and its respective members, directors, officers, employees, insurers, attorneys, and agents harmless from all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, losses, damages, or liability (including, without limitation, all expenses of litigation, court costs, and attorney’s fees) for any injury or death to any person, including, without limitation, any injury, disfigurement, or death, any monetary claims, including, without limitation, any claims for medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of consortium, or for lost wages, or any injury received or sustained by any person or property arising out of the acts or omissions, including negligence, of the Renter or any of its shareholders, members, directors, officers, employees, contractors, invitees, patrons, licensees, or agents, or the performance of, or failure to perform by, the Renter or any of its shareholders, members, directors, officers, employees, contractors, invitees, patrons, licensees, or agents, of any of the Renter’s obligations under this Agreement even if such claim is based on a claimed negligent act or omission of any of the indemnities.  Renter assumes all responsibility for repair and restoration in the event of damages caused by the Renter or their invitees. Renter agrees to be, and is, responsible for ensuring that the meeting, including the layout of the meeting room and any equipment and/or other item used in connection with the meeting and/or the Renter function, is ADA accessible and compliant. Renter also agrees to comply with each and every term and provision of CTComp’s Rental Space Rental Agreement, which is incorporated into and made part of this Contract as if fully set forth herein.