Non-Profit Organizations

Providing technical guidance, assistance, and leadership.

Non-profits are unique in that their focus is the realization of a social mission.

Their expertise concentrates on these objectives and they frequently rely on constituents for much of their funding and technology partners for technical expertise. CTComp is proud to have collaborated with a wide array of both local and national nonprofits to provide them with the technical guidance, assistance, and leadership they frequently require.

These needs range from network and infrastructure support to web design, implementation and hosting. CTComp is often called upon to become actively involved with budget planning, product/service evaluation and selection, and overall technical leadership. CTComp works closely with philanthropic providers such as who offer every eligible 501(c)(3) ten (10) free Enterprise level licenses to their platform services (including the optional Nonprofit Success Pack) through their “Power of Us” program (an $18,000/year value!).

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