State of Connecticut Retraining Programs

CTComp is an approved vendor for both the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Trade Assistance Adjustment (TAA) programs. We offer a wide range of programs designed specifically to meet the requirements of these programs and help students gain a competitive advantage in the workplace.

CTComp occupies two locations in Connecticut – Plantsville (Southington) and East Hartford. Both locations have classrooms equipped with HP PC’s, a lab room, and cafeteria where complimentary meals are provided to students attending training. Day classes are offered from 9 to 4 p.m. Breakfast, a morning and afternoon break and lunch is scheduled each day.

Students are welcome to retake class lectures at no charge to help prepare for exams and learn subject matter.  There must be an open seat available in the class, and your book must be current.  If you wish to participate in the lab portion of a re-take class, a fee may apply.

Students enrolled through one of these funding programs are required to pass the appropriate certification exam prior to starting their next training. Students must commit to 6 hours each day whether they are scheduled for class or following up with their studies. Progress will be tracked regularly and will be reported monthly to your WIA counselor. Failure to commit to daily studies and/or lack of progress may result in termination of your contract.

Important: Students participating in the WIA (Workforce Investment Act) program are required to attain employment within 90 days of their contract end date. Our commitment is to provide the best experience possible to help you achieve your career goal. With your full cooperation, we will go the extra mile and will gladly provide placement assistance to help you find the right job.

Contact Jason Cooper [] today to learn more about these retraining programs and the training that would best suit your career goals.

Loans | Financing

CTComp does not provide financing for training programs, though payment plan options can be set up on a case by case basis.

If you do not qualify for one of the Retraining programs listed above, taking out a loan could be another option. We can refer you to banks we have worked with in the past, or you can work with your own bank or credit union.


Class Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you cancel or reschedule a class you are enrolled in less than five business days before the start date of the class, you may put the full tuition amount on account with us, or else a cancellation fee of 25% of the tuition cost will be applied at that time. If CTComp must cancel the class you may reschedule without penalty or request full reimbursement of your tuition.  Any student, or organization, that fails to submit written notice to or via phone to our learning staff, of a cancellation or need to reschedule and fails to attend the enrolled class, will not be eligible for any reimbursement and is obligated for 100% of the tuition.

Statement of non-discrimination

CTComp does not discriminate against any individual on the grounds of race, color, religious creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, political beliefs, marital status, sexual preference, mental retardation, criminal record or physical disability.


CTComp seeks to serve all persons in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies and employment policies as well as in the policies governing all programs that it offers or administers.


Upon acceptance of admission, students are required to complete an enrollment contract. There are no enrollment fees. All students must complete the enrollment contract prior to class participation.  Cannot be used in place of compulsory education.

Financial Obligations

Students are responsible for payment of all costs associated with attending educational training at CTComp.

Students, who fail to meet their financial obligations to CTComp, will be denied permission to register in succeeding programs until the obligations have been satisfied. In addition, transcripts and/or a Certificate of Achievement will not be provided to any student or former student having financial obligations to CTComp.

Student Conduct Policy

The CTComp educational community must possess the highest standards of ethical, educational and social integrity, combined with recognition and mutual respect for diverse origins and backgrounds, which will enrich and inform our intellectual and social lives.

CTComp standards of behavior are intended to enhance and protect the educational process to promote personal advancement and maturation.  Realization of such goals can only be achieved in an atmosphere of mutual respect among individuals, of appreciation and respect of the rights of others, and of recognition of the rights of individuals and groups to express dissent.

CTComp reserves the right to terminate any student whose conduct is deemed to be unsatisfactory. Unsatisfactory conduct may be theft, use of alcohol or illegal drugs on the school premises, failure to abide by school regulations, assault upon another student or a staff member, destruction of property, insubordination to a faculty or staff member, or the disruption of classes or activities.

Students who are found in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol on school premises, who threaten or deliver any student or staff member with physical harm or who willfully destroy school property will be immediately terminated. Please refer to CTComp Dismissal Policy.

Completion Policy

A certificate of achievement will be issued only once the student has made full payment of all fees and has achieved a passing grade as stated in the Grading Policy/Standards.

Grading Policy/Standards

Grades are determined according to attendance. Students are graded on a pass/fail basis. Grading standards are as follows:

Pass:  Attendance/participation of 90% total course clock hours.

Fail:  Incompletion of course/program. Failure to participate in all course/program dates.

A CTComp Certificate of Achievement will be provided on the last day of class for each student who receives a passing grade. Students who fail to complete the course/program will have an opportunity to reschedule the course/program.

Course/Program Retake Policy

The student reserves the right to retake (sit-in) the lecture portion of any scheduled course/program, which has already been paid in full, on a seat available basis for one calendar year, as long as their book(s) are the current version being used in the classroom.  If the student wishes to retake the lab portion of a class, a materials fee may apply.

The school reserves the right to remove a student registered as a “sit-in” in the event a paying student is in need of the seat.

Complimentary Meal Policy

Students registered and attending classes for the first time at the Plantsville, East Hartford or Milford location are provided with complimentary breakfast and lunch for day students and complimentary dinner for evening students. Students registered as a “sit-in” will be required to pay a meal fee of $5 per day if they choose to partake in the meal provided by the school.

Placement Policy

While the school offers Placement Assistance, the school cannot, in anyway, guarantee employment after the student has successfully completed the program of study.

Dismissal Policy

The school reserves the right to dismiss any student prior to course completion upon determination that the student is not complying with any school policy.

Tuition charges in cases of termination will be made in accordance with the school’s cancellation and refund policy.

Withdrawal Policy

For students who withdraw from the school before the last scheduled class, a “W” for withdrawal will be assigned.

Students who do not officially withdraw but cease to attend classes are considered enrolled and will receive a failing grade.

Refund will be assessed according to the rules and regulations of the refund policy.

Complaint Policy

CTComp does not have any policy or acts in any manner, which discourages or prohibits the filing of inquiries or complaints regarding CTComp’s operation with the Commissioner of Higher Education.

Any student of CTComp wishing to voice a complaint may file it in writing addressed to Director of Education at 101 East Summer Street, Plantsville, CT 06479 within 30 days of the incident. The director of education or his delegate will interview the complainant to obtain a complete account of the incident. The complaint will be handled as deemed appropriate by the director of education.  If the school does not satisfactorily resolve concerns, the student may bring the information to the attention of:

Office of Higher Education
61 Woodland Street
Hartford, CT 06105-2326
Phone (800) 842-0229