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Join us on November 20th at 1:00pm EST for a webinar with Perch and have lunch on us!

PerchDuring this webinar you will learn how to address a stunning statistic such as this: In 2018, the Ponemon Institute found that 67% of SMBs experienced a cybersecurity attack—costing these companies an average of $400,000. But 47% of SMBs responded that they have no understanding of how to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Throughout this webcast we’ll discuss how Perch and CTComp can:

  • See a threat on your network and immediately take action (SOC as a Service)
  • Provide log retention (SIEM as a Service)
  • Stop hackers and network attacks in their tracks and before damage can be done
  • Prevent a damaging incident to your company’s reputation
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements


*By registering and attending, CTComp will mail you a $10 Gift Card for Subway!Subway