Right now, CTComp is seeing a significant amount of interest in a few specific areas. With the impending end of support for Windows Server 2003, upgrades to Microsoft 2012R2 domains are becoming a necessity. We are also seeing a rising interest in the deployment of VDI via VMware’s Horizon View product. And lastly (for today), there is significant interest into upgrades & expansions of Firewall, Switch, Wireless, and VoIP systems. Do you need to start thinking about any of these type of projects?

As you should all be aware, Microsoft will no longer support Windows Server 2003 as of July 14th, 2015. Any business or organization still running on a 2003 domain needs to plan for and execute an upgrade to a supported software version, such as Windows Server 2012R2, as soon as possible.   CTComp has extensive experience with managing and implementing domain upgrades, and would be happy to help you plan out yours.

Horizon View from VMware makes VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) incredibly easy to use and manage. Implementing a VDI solution takes all your worries about remote access, BYOD, DR, patching, compliance, and imaging, and turns them into valuable assets and offerings you can send your workforce out into the world with. With VDI, you bring it all into your datacenter, which allows you to transform your desktops and applications into centralized services, manage and secure services by policy, and empower your people to work on virtually any device, anywhere, at any time. This all requires a bit of investment into your datacenter, so if you’d like to explore VDI, schedule time with your dedicated Account Executive to start mapping out a solution that’s right for you.

Cisco Systems, purveyor of all things “network”, has been a go-to partner for CTComp for many years. As network demands increase, and as bandwidth choices for businesses continue to change, Cisco has the right products to support your business needs. The dichotomy between security and accessibility can be a tough line to traverse, but Cisco’s variety of products and services, including firewalls & switches, and wireless & VoIP Solutions, help bridge concerns for making your network useable for your people, while maintaining the security you need. As a Cisco Premier Certified Partner, with specializations in Advanced Wireless LAN and Advanced Collaboration Architecture, CTComp is your go-to Partner for planning, procuring, implementing and managing your next Cisco project.